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Inner Sage Tao,

Feng Shui Meditation and I Ching Tao

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Ancient Traditions for Modern Lives

Happiness depends the mastery of the Seven Principles, these are:


The Four Harmonies


Living in Harmony with Oneself

Living in Harmony with Others

Living in Harmony with the Cosmos

Living in Harmony with the Absolute


The Four Harmonies depend on the Three Achievements



The Good



Whatever your position in life, a dishwasher in a restaurant, an entertainment Mogul, a child or parent in a family, a monk in a monastery, no matter who you are or what you do, your happiness depends on mastering and rightly relating these Seven Principles.


The Three Achievements are at once the Necessary Precondition, the Perpetual Accompaniment and the Goal of the Four Harmonies.  It is impossible to completely realize the Four Harmonies without the Three Achievements and very difficult to realize the Three Achievements without the Four Harmonies.  Even a dishwasher must be wise, an entertainment mogul must separate what is really good from what seems to be good.  In a family both parent and child must nourish and protect each others Self-realization, a monk in a monastery must live in harmony with others, and even a hermit on a mountain must live in harmony with herself.


Inner Sage Tao, Feng Shui Meditation and I Ching Tao are an integrated approach to living a life of Spiritual Integrity in the world.  They do not slight or condemn the world, but rather seek to create a “Worldly man’s guide to Enlightenment”, in which the world and its challenges are harnessed to the task of Self-realization and Self-realization is viewed as becoming an active co-creator in the flux of Cosmic Process, and life is transformed into Art.

Everyone is born with both a destiny and a fate.  Fate is the inexorable rush of cause and effect through time which is the way the world works, Destiny is the potential to embrace your Heavenly Nature and achieve Self-realization as a perfect Sage.  Most people live life bounded by the dictates of fate, but your destiny is never far from you and only awaits your turning to it and embracing it.  In this single act you will have won your first victory over fate.  If you continue on the path of the Sage with steadfast determination, you will eventually realize true freedom and happiness, and become the master of your Fate.  The means of achieving this Destiny is to cultivate your Inner Sage to manifest the Golden Light of Bright Virtue, which is the spiritual power of your Heavenly Nature, and extend  your self-realization until it encompasses everything.