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Some friends who care about the future of Inner Sage Tao have been bugging me to put up a page inviting people to donate.  I personally feel that too much needs to be done before I can do that, someone said that I should let the people who come by decide.  That seemed fair to me.  So if you like what you see of Inner Sage Tao, then please feel free to donate.


Creating this site as I have envisioned it is an enormous undertaking, and I have some health problems that interfere with me devoting the necessary time and money to it.  I keep these health problems under control with TCM and esoteric practices from my years of study, but a complete cure is still sometime away and these methods are time consuming in themselves.


I am encouraged that people have been visiting this site, but  have no idea whether people like or don’t like this material and it is very hard to maintain the inspiration and resolve necessary to keep going.  If you feel unable to donate please feel free to contact me.  Your feedback will be appreciated.