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This site is under construction

This page is provided as an easy way to get an overview

While this site is still under construction it has enough information on it to be a useful introduction to Inner Sage Tao and eventually will become a very useful source of information about Chinese Philosophy and spiritual disciplines and its interface with traditional Western Philosophy and spiritual disciplines.  This Site is designed to be a graduated introduction starting with some very simple material which can then be followed into the sources and references to the teachings.  The Teachings here discussed are not so much a distillation of  almost 45 of study and practice, but rather a crystallization of some of the resulting knowledge and experience in to a relatively simple and practical form.  It is a form suitable for almost anyone of any age or position in life and starts a process of creating a firm foundation for a genuinely happy and successful life, both in the here and now of the everyday, but also in whatever may come after it.


Links to important material are included in the paragraph below,  clicking on any of them will pull the page reference into the frame below the paragraph for easy access:

A quick idea of the spiritual orientation of Inner Sage Tao can be gleaned from reading the Introduction to the Primary Affirmations of Inner Sage Tao, clicking here will display it in the frame below.  It is also available in the Reading Room.  In the upper left of each page are Mandalas of my own design, both of these symbolically embody important aspects of Inner Sage Tao teaching.   The Commentary on the Ming-te or ‘Bright Virtue’ Mandala (in the upper left of this page) is a good introduction to the basic principles of Inner Sage Tao in both their Metaphysical and Cosmological background.  The Sincerity Mandala appears in the upper left corner of many of the other pages and a short commentary on it can be accessed either within the commentary on the Mint-te Mandala or directly here.  By clicking here you can access Recommended Reading (in the frame below) which now has two book lists, the first has several books related to the Chinese Philosophical side of Inner Sage Tao, the second illustrates the East-West cross cultural perspective relating Confucian thinking with Western Natural Law theory, modern mathematical game theory, and concludes pointing in the direction of an ethics of self-realization unifying Collingwood, Kohlberg and Mencius.  The East meets West perspective is also appears in  Inner Sage Tao and New Age Thinking which skims the surfaces of the of some rather deep subjects.  A commentary on the movie Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger is used to illustrate the Four Harmonies and it beginning can be read below  by clicking here.  Of the Three Principles two pages The Good (To see the glossary definition below click here.) and Wisdom has small sections on them and direct the reader to On Wisdom and Happiness which can be accessed below by clicking here, or in the Reading Room.  I am experimenting with colors and their combinations as well as different backgrounds, I’m sorry is some of the experiments which I have done leave a little to be desired.  They will change soon, though I have recently been hampered with problems with my monitor that make accurate judgement of colors almost impossible, so there will be no changes in color scheme anytime soon (10/5/08)