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East Meets West




The Unified Field of Philosophy

This site is under construction.  The Frame below will opens some pages relevant to the unification of Eastern and Western Philosophy in Inner Sage Tao.  More general information will be found on the Home and Introduction pages.  Interested in the Ming-te Mandala in the upper left of this page?  Clicking here will open the  Commentary on the Ming-te Mandala in the frame below.

The Two links below  are only short examples of the integrated perspective of Inner Sage Tao.  On almost every subject from its ethics of Self-realization which offers a profound view of the human opportunity to a metaphysics that provides ways of addressing such seemingly vexing theological problems as reconciling human free will with divine “fore-knowledge”, Inner Sage Tao has interesting and thought provoking answers.


The first is a quick examination of the roots of Inner Sage Tao in East and West and a short comparison to ‘New Age” thinking, in particular its strong roots in Nineteenth Century Romanticism and its confusion of reductionism with rationalism.


The second is also available on the Recommended Reading page, but it is put here because of its seemingly eclectic sources, combining books on mathematical game theory with studies of natural law ethical theory and Tu Wei-ming’s works on  Confucianism, leading to a proposed unification in aspects Collingwood, Kohlberg and Mencius.


Inner Sage Tao and ‘New Age’ thinking


Foundation Books for an Ethics of Self Realization