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Embrace Destiny,

Conquer Fate

The choice is yours

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Everyone is born with both a destiny and a fate.  Fate is the inexorable rush of cause and effect through time which is the way the world works, Destiny is the potential to embrace your Heavenly Nature and achieve Self-realization as a perfect Sage.  Most people live life bounded by the dictates of fate, but your destiny is never far from you and only awaits your turning to it and embracing it.  In this single act you will have won your first victory over fate.  If you continue on the path of the Sage with steadfast determination, you will eventually realize true freedom and happiness, and become the master of your Fate.  The means of achieving this Destiny is to cultivate your Inner Sage to manifest the Golden Light of Bright Virtue, which is the spiritual power of your Heavenly Nature, and extend  your self-realization until it encompasses everything.


What fallows is a commentary on and expansion of these concepts.


One of  the few unconstrained choices in life is the choice to embrace our Destiny.  While the onward flow of Fate is constantly demanding decisions from us, Destiny waits patiently to be noticed.  In one sense Destiny has only one choice to embrace one’s heavenly nature, or to caught in the flood of events and a prisoner of its eddies and currents.  What is Heavenly Nature?  In Inner Sage Tao heavenly nature is what is

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