The following Affirmations indicate something of the spiritual orientation of Inner Sage Tao, an important aspect is the ‘Bright Virtue’ Mandala below, there is a short commentary on it and the affirmations at the end.
















Affirmation of the Inner Sage in the Central Room


Inner Sage Tao has two poles, an inner one where individual attention is focused completely in the mind and imagination represented by the Central Room and an outer pole in which the focus is on the Inner Sage within the body and as a source of harmony and peace originating in the middle tan, roughly the area of the chest and including the solar plexus.  This affirmation deals with the first pole and the next one with the second.




The Golden light of Bright Virtue fills the Central room,

and embraces me in the warm glow of perfect understanding.

I focus my Mind on the source of the Golden Light and

before me I can see, feel and experience,

the image, power and presence of my Inner Sage,

filling the Central Room with the Golden Glow of my full potential.

In the Central Room I contemplate my Inner Sage

My Inner Sage is my means of actualizing my human potential

as I travel the path of the exemplary person to achieve Sagehood myself.

My Inner Sage manifests the Mandala of Bright Virtue (see below),

The Mandala of Bright Virtue is the key to self-realization.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of my True Center,

helping me find balance and attracting to me all that I truly need.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of Personal Completion,

allowing me to reach for the stars and find a friendly response in them.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of Numinous Mind,

Allowing me to understand the deep connection of all things

in the sublime unity of the Cosmos’ perpetual transformation.

Through it my Inner Sage actualizes their unity in the Golden Light of Bright Virtue.

May my Inner Sage lead me to my True Center,

May my Inner Sage expand me to encompass all,

May my Inner Sage awaken within me the understanding of everything,

May the Golden Light of Bright Virtue illuminate all in harmonious cooperation.



Affirmation of the Golden Light of Bright Virtue


Both of these affirmations taken together reinforce the fundamental nature of the Inner Sage, but whereas the previous one focuses on an internal mental state, this one concentrates on becoming a center on peace and harmony within an expanding world of connectedness.  In this case the Inner Sage is specifically placed in the body, in what in Esoteric Chinese Meditation is called the Middle Tan (the area of the Chest and Solar Plexus) because the Middle Tan is considered to be the generator of chi or vital energy (the Lower Tan well known from the more exoteric meditation disciplines of the martial arts is roughly the abdomen  is associated with ching or “essence”, in a sense physiological substance), by focusing the Inner Sage here the chi field is filled with the unifying power of Mingte or bright virtue, manifesting as a Golden Light.


In my Middle Tan I truly can,

see, feel and experience,

the Image, Power, and Presence of

My Inner Sage resting in highest good,

and manifesting the Mandala of Bright Virtue.

The Bright Virtue of my Inner Sage,

is my own potential Wisdom and Power manifesting to me.

My Inner Sage manifests to me my True Center,

My Inner Sage manifests to me my True Completion,

My Inner Sage manifests to me my True Understanding

All this I experience in the Golden Light of Bright Virtue,

as I contemplate my Inner Sage in my Middle Tan.

Realizing that the Golden Light of the Inner Sage

is the manifestation of my true potential,

I contemplate my center (Chung)

Turning to completion (Cheng) I encompass the Stars

Numinous mind (Shen) links everything in profound unity.

Penetrating all the Golden Light (Ming Te) of my Bright Virtue,

Brings Peace and Harmony to myself

Peace and Harmony to my family

Peace and Harmony to my neighbors

Peace and Harmony to my workplace

Peace and Harmony to my place of worship

Peace and Harmony to my City

Peace and Harmony to my Country

Peace and Harmony to the whole world

As I extend my self-realization to encompass all

In the Six Degrees of Connectedness.




These two affirmations are designed to help the student maintain and extend their accomplishments in Inner Sage Tao.  In its basic form Inner Sage Tao has two aspects one of inward focused experience which is the Central Room, an area defined in creative imagination and the other an outward focus that centers on the student’s Middle Tan, roughly the Chest, and extends itself through the Six Degrees of Connectedness (the Inner Sage version of the six degrees of separation), to encompass the whole world.  In both of these the Inner Sage as the manifestor of the Ming Te Mandala is the central focus.  The Ming Te Mandala consists of several elements draw from ancient Chinese sources and the Affirmations repeat these elements as part of their form.  The most important of these is Ming Te or Bright Virtue, which is represented in the circle in center of the Mandala, which is conceived of as a Golden Light.  This Golden Light is the result of the union of three other potentials, these are Numinous Mind (Shen), the upper point of the triangle, the Center or centeredness (Chung) on the lower right of the triangle, and wholeness/completeness (Cheng, often rendered as sincerity) on the lower left of the triangle.   These are further represented on the Mandala in the “natural” symbols of the Pole Star and the Dipper for the center and the Twenty-eight Constellations for wholeness/completeness.  Behind this symbolism is the notion of Heavenly Nature, which is our True Human Nature and which is what allows, literally in meditation, and figuratively in everyday life, to “reach for the Stars”.  More details on the Ming Te Mandala can be found in the commentary on it.

Another important thing that comes out here is the importance of keeping in mind that the Inner Sage is a manifestation of your potential, it is a representation of your full potential to yourself, all that the Inner Sage does is help you to realize your potential for Sagehood as you progress on the path of the exemplary person (junzi, chun tze usually rendered as “superior man” after Wilhelm/Baynes), in a comfortable, gradual fashion, while at the same time allowing you through your growing relationship with these aspects of your self to manifest your potential to exercise wisdom, insight and power in a safe and positive fashion.