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The fundamental concept of Inner Sage Tao is first dealt with on these pages:


Inner Sage Tao is the Root of Mastering the Seven Principles:


  • The Inner Sage Introduces the concept of the Inner Sage and its root in Ancient Chinese texts each follow section introduces another Fundamental aspect of Inner Sage Tao.
  • Balancing/Centering introduces  chung balancing or centering
  • Sincerity/Authenticity introduces introduces the concept of ch’eng or Sincerity and Authenticity, but then ties it into Self-realization and creativity.
  • The Expanding Center introduces the concept of extending oneself outward into the world as a fundamental aspect of Self-realization
  • Authentic Relationship deal with the principles of authentically relating with others as another important aspect of ones Self-realization.


Feng Shui Meditation is the means of living in Harmony with the Cosmos and its transformations both in Space and Time.


I Ching Tao is the means of Achieving the Seven Principles by learning to act wisely in Harmony with Others, the Cosmos and the Absolute.


East Meets West: the Unified Field of Philosophy deals with the commonalities of Eastern and Western Philosophy and how they have helped to form a center for a unifying synthesis.


Notes and References provides more information on issues brought up in the Site.


  • Notes are specific references in the text.
  • Works Mentioned are short descriptions and discussions of various texts that occur in the text, publishing details will be found the the bibliography.
  • People are short discussions of the of the people who are mentioned in the text.
  • Bibliography is the detailed publishing information on all relevant texts.



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