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Affirmation of the Inner Sage in the Central Room


The Golden light of Bright Virtue fills the Central room,

and embraces me in the warm glow of perfect understanding.

I focus my Mind on the source of the Golden Light and

before me I can see, feel and experience,

the image, power and presence of my Inner Sage,

filling the Central Room with the Golden Glow of my full potential.

In the Central Room I contemplate my Inner Sage

My Inner Sage is my means of actualizing my human potential

as I travel the path of the exemplary person to achieve Sagehood myself.

My Inner Sage manifests the Mandala of Bright Virtue,

The Mandala of Bright Virtue is the key to self-realization.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of my True Center,

helping my find balance and attracting to me all that I truly need.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of Personal Completion,

allowing me to reach for the stars and find a friendly response in them.

Through it my Inner Sage manifests the power of Numinous Mind,

Allowing me to understand the deep connection of all things

in the sublime unity of the Cosmos’ perpetual transformation.

Through it my Inner Sage actualizes their unity in the Golden Light of Bright Virtue.

May my Inner Sage lead me to my True Center,

May my Inner Sage expand me to encompass all,

May my Inner Sage awaken within me the understanding of everything,

May the Golden Light of Bright Virtue illuminate all in harmonious cooperation.

The Inner Sage Affirmations